dinsdag 26 juni 2012

Andrea Laurence - What Lies Beneath

Title                 : What Lies Beneath
Release date   : April 2012
Publisher        : Harlequin Desire
Genre              : Contemporary Romance

They say she's Cynthia Dempsey, fiancée of media mogul Will Taylor. But try as she might, she can't recall their high-society life or the man sitting by her hospital bed. Though her body certainly remembers him. Even as she senses the distance between them, the electricity when they touch is undeniable.

Will can hardly believe Cynthia's transformation. Gone is the ice queen who betrayed him, and in her place is a woman who seems genuine and warm. But can he risk his heart again, not knowing what might happen when her memory returns?

What Lies Beneath by Andrea Laurence is a wonderful contemporary romance novel. I always love to read Harlequin Romance novels between my darker paranormal or urban fantasy books and this novel by Andrea Laurence took me right in from the beginning.

Cynthia Dempsey wakes up in the hospital and cannot remember anything from her life. The people around her are total strangers and she doesn’t feel a connection with any of them, not even with Will Taylor, her fiancé. She has had several surgeries and it seems she looks like this Cynthia Dempsey.

Will Taylor is the owner of his own newspaper and Cynthia’s ex-fiancé. When he hears of her plane accident and the memory lost, he knows that he has to wait to kick her out of his life completely. He cannot hurt her more than she already is with her injuries, so he gives her the time to recover at his house and when her memory is back she can leave for good. But the more they spend together, the more he discovers that Cynthia isn’t her usual self and seems to have changed. Can he risk his heart again?

Miss Andrea Laurence has written a fabulous romance novel. I really could feel Will’s pain and determination to not let Cynthia into his heart again after what she did to him. I could totally understand his distance from her, but wanted to kick him when things got better and he hurt her in the end. Cynthia’s character is strong, loving and very determined. She senses that she isn’t the person everyone is talking about and she wants to make sure she never will be. But when the truth about her finally comes out, she is hurt by the one man she ever loved.

I truly recommend What Lies Beneath if you are in for a true love story. You will fall in love with Cynthia and Will from the beginning.


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