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Rachel Firasek - The Last Beginning

Title : The Last Beginning
Series : Curse of the Phoenix # 3
Release date : February 7, 2012
Publisher : Entangled Publishing
Genre : Paranormal Romance

Though she’s always hated being a phoenix, Sadie has to admit immortality has its advantages. She’s seen and done more in the last 150 years than she’d ever dreamed of, but she can’t get past the fact that Osiris has done nothing but manipulate her and her fellow phoenixes.

Or that, when her last incarnation as a phoenix comes to a fiery end, the fire slowly begins to consume her body.

Sun god Osiris is ashamed of his role as ruler of the Underworld, but he unless he can figure out how to save Sadie, that’s exactly where she’s going to end up. Permanently. Terrified he’s going to lose her, he takes her on a hunt for The Book of the Dead, which is the only way he knows he can save her—even if it means she’ll hate him forever.

The Last Beginning by Rachel Firasek is the last novella in the Curse of the Phoenix Series and a fabulous ending to this Trilogy.

Sadie is the last of the remaining curse phoenixes and really wants to know why Osiris won’t let her go like Ice and Ari. Even though she is the youngest of the phoenixes, her body is already giving up on her. Lately when she gets too emotional her body roams with flames and it has weakened her. The only man who can help her is the very one who turns her into this mess in the first place.

Osiris knows time is running out to save Sadie and he will do anything in his power to save her, even if that means breaking some rules. In order to save her soul from burning, he has to get the Book of the Dead and the help of Ice and Ari to do it. But will they be in time?

From the first novella you can sense that Osiris has a soft spot for Sadie and that there is more behind this Egyptian God of the Underworld. I have to say that I had mixed feelings about him and his selfish acts to have Sadie from the moment he laid eyes on her. He turned her into a phoenix simply because he wanted her. I do believe he has true feelings for her, but he could have showed her that in a normal way. Luckily for him he changed for the better good and Sadie made him see that.

Rachel Firasek has again written a great story with fabulous characters. I loved the fact that all the characters from the three novellas are woven into each other’s lives. Ice and Ari both didn’t hesitate when Osiris got them back to save Sadie’s soul.

I have to say that this short series was definitely worth to read and I’m curious to see what other books this author have to show me.

Thanks Netgalley for providing me with this ARC eBook.


Rachel Firasek zei

I recieved the notice from my publisher that you'd posted the review to NG and came to check out your lovely site. I can't thank you enough for reading and reviewing my stories. I'm so glad you enjoyed the series!

Lady Caella zei

Hello Rachel, you are very welcome. I loved the whole series and I cannot wait to check your other books.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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