zondag 4 maart 2012

Marie Kenward - Dark Whisper

Title : Dark Whispers
Series : MacCumail Bloodlines # 2
Release date : October 15, 2010
Publisher : Black Rose
Genre : Paranormal Romance

Sometimes, trusting your inner voice can be fatal...

He is Mikael macCumail, leader of a vampire clan. The oldest of his kind, he is considered invincible. Deadly. Most fear him, and he's lived unchallenged for over a millennia. Until the night he loses it all.

Stripped of his memory, stalked by vampires and vampire hunters alike, Mikael finds an unlikely ally in young hunter Emily Davenport. On the run with no one to turn to and no one to trust, the line between predator and prey begins to blur. In a world of unfamiliar shadows, Emily becomes his only light. Her beauty tempts him, her innocence disarms him. Mikael has waited centuries to find a woman like Emily, but when his past catches up with him and he discovers why his memory was taken, he must prepare to face an enemy he doesn't know how to defeat. An enemy with no physical body, a life form--an entity--that lives inside vampire blood, moving from one body to the next, killing.

And now it wants Mikael.

Dark Whispers by Marie Kenward is the second novel in her MacCumail Bloodlines series and another fabulous read. Just like the first novel in the series, I wasn’t able to put the book down for long. There is something in the way she creates the world, the characters and the storyline that just draw me into this book and held me there.

The main characters, Mikael macCumail and Emily Davenport are just great. He is the leader of the macCumail clan, powerful and very old because he is one of the first vampires ever created. But he never sired anyone, except Sarah Hennessy, who’s the mate of Alexi Dugas, one of his clan member. She is a very young, determined vampire hunter. She has joined her brothers in the fight against all vampires, but when she’s facing Mikael, who teaches her that not all vampires are bad, she puts everything she believes on the line for him. They personify the opposites attracts cliché.

What I love about this author is the way she lets readers into the world she created, to experience the power, the revenge, hatred, friendship and loyalty for themselves. She isn’t afraid to let the readers truly see what this can do to a person and what the outcome will be.

The slowly growing relationship between Mikael en the very young Emily is great to follow, first fighting him with everything she got, but slowly loses her heart to him. I loved the fact that she doesn’t change her perspective of vampires just because she loves Mikael. Yes, she accepts Sarah and Alexi but she keeps her distance and suspicion towards the others near Mikael.

It was good to see that Sarah and Alexi were part of this book too and to see that Sarah has grown into her powers in the year she is a vampire now. Because she is the only vampire Mikael turned, the bond between the two of them is tight.

Marie Kenward has written another amazing addition in this series, which already has become one of my favourite series of 2012. I’m curious to see who will be the main character in the following book, because I know this story isn’t finished…hopefully there will be novels about the two remaining brothers in the near future.


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