zondag 18 maart 2012

Portia Da Costa - Intimate Exposure

Title : Intimate Exposure
Release date : February 6, 2011
Publisher : Carina Press
Genre : Erotica Romance

From the moment Red Webster arrived at executive Vicki Renard's firm, sparks flew between them. The photographer is supposed to create a company profile for its new owner, but he spends most of his time flirting with her. His sexy teasing infuriates Vicki...and piques a desire to submit to him. His hypnotic eyes promise what she's been secretly craving: a sexually dominant master, like the ones in her favorite erotic novels.

Investigating his new business incognito, billionaire F. W. Shanley--aka Red--is turned on by Vicki's fiery personality and undeniable beauty. When he discovers her reading a BDSM novel on her eReader, he knows he's found a woman who shares his desires and promises to be a challenging submissive.

When Red arranges a weekend at a secluded hotel, Vicki agrees to indulge in no-strings-attached erotic fun. But can she commit to this kind of life with Red when he realizes they can have so much more?

Intimate Exposure by Portia Da Costa is a great erotica novel. The length of this novel is not huge, but it is definitely not too short to tell this great storyline.

The attraction between main characters Vicki and Red is slow at first, because Vicki doesn’t really trust Red and for a good reason. Red appears to be the new owner of the company she works for and is working undercover to see everything from the employees point of view.

Vicki is a young woman who is intrigued by the BDSM scene and that shows through her reading genre. But she’s kept this a secret from everyone around her, never in her life has she ever experience something like this, but of course secretly dreams about it. Then she meets Red, who is a photographer at her company, she knows he is not exactly what he shows everyone. But ever since he took a glimpse on her e-reader and the genre she reads, she imagines him in every scene she reads.

Red is a great character, even though he is undercover in the company he just bought, he is an honest man. Red is really interested in Vicki, especially when he found out her secret desires to the BDSM scene. He knows she will be the perfect submissive for him and he knows he will be the right man to introduce her into this world.

This novel is well written and very enjoyable to read. Lovers of the erotica and beginning BDSM scene will have a blast reading this novel. It has all the right ingredients to make a wonderful storyline with some great characters.


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