vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Thea Harrison - Dragon Bound

Title : Dragon Bound
Series : Elder Races #1
Release date : May 3rd, 2011
Publisher : Berkley
Genre : Paranormal Romance

Pia Giovanni knows she is a little different from the rest and hide it since she was young. Now her ex-boyfriend found out the truth about her heritage and is blackmailing her. She has to steal something from Dragos Culebre and bring it back to him. But Pia wants to teach her ex-boyfriend a lesson and steals a very small item, not something he can use.

Dragos Culebre is a billionaire businessman that happens to be a dragon shifter. When he discovers that someone stole something out of his hidden lair, he is determined to track the thief down and punish her. Neither of them could have imagined the huge chemistry between them.

Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison is the first novel in the Elder Races Series and I have to say its one hell of a start in this series. I’m a huge fan of dragon shifters, so I couldn’t resist this book and what a book it was.

Dragos is just the bad-ass dragon you expect him to be, strong, super alpha and a little stubborn. When he discovers that Pia is the thief, he is determined to lure her to him and punish her, but Pia is stronger then he thought. It appears Pia has powers of her own and they recently come to surface, when her mother’s protection spell is wearing out.

Throw a Dark Fae King who wants Pia for his own in the mix and you have a fabulous storyline, full with danger, plots and some steamy scenes.

Thea Harrison has written a fabulous novel, created a great world where different beings are working together and some also against each other to stay on top of the power chain. I really hope the next novel will be as fabulous as this one, because I’m already hooked on this Elder Races Series.


Aurian zei

I loved the second book more than the first, and am eager to start the third one. Hurry up BookDepository!

Lady Caella zei

I have book number two and three waiting for me to read. Hopefully I will have some time soon to read them.

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