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Julia Templeton - Return to Me

Title : Return to me
Release date : Augustus 7th, 2007
Publisher : Berkley
Genre : Historical Paranormal Romance

Gabrielle Fairmont has a miserable life since her uncle arranges an unwanted betrothal to a man with a violent past. She has to find a way to escape her betrothal and marriage in order to save her own life. Gabrielle knows she has to rely on her gifts of mind reading and her second sight, and what she sees in her betrothal’s mind isn’t something she wants to experience first handed. Then one night during a ball she meets gorgeous Darius MacLeod and feels the huge attraction between them.

Darius MacLeod is a five hundred year old Scottish vampire and has come to London as a request from his twin brother. Darius was never interested in London’s society and women after he lost his wife Rose centuries ago. When he sets his eyes on beautiful Gabrielle Fairmont, he knows that she is the one for him. But before he could talk to her she disappears into the night. When he hears of this young highwayman, he knows that fate has a mind of her own and put Gabrielle right back on his path.

Return to Me by Julia Templeton is a wonderful historical paranormal romance novel. This story has kept my attention and lured me right into the English/Scottish settings.

The story begins with Darius becoming a vampire and looses his wife Rose along the way. He made himself a promise to never love again, but when he meets Gabriella, who has some remarkable resemblance to his late wife Rose, he feels alive again. To him it doesn’t matter that she is different and has some great powers of her own. All he wants is to love her and spend the rest of her live together. Gabrielle is a strong and determined young woman, who will do anything to survive her uncle’s twisted games and escape from her violent betrothal. When she meets Darius, she knows he is strong enough to help her.

There is a second storyline in this book and I have to say that I love that one as well. Darius twin brother Demetri and his partner Remont has loved each other for centuries, but Demetri is also fond of the ladies. After Demetri last affair with a woman, Remont cannot take it anymore because he doesn’t want to share his lover anymore. He decides that it is time to let Demetri go, even though it is the hardest he ever done. Will Demetri let that happen or is he finally realizing that Remont is the love of his life.

Julia Templeton has written one fabulous historical romance novel with some wonderful characters. It had everything I expected to find in a historical paranormal romance. I cannot wait to read more of this author in the near future.


Aurian zei

O this one sure sounds interesting! New author for me.

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