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Anthology - Down in Texas

Title : Down in Texas
Release date : October 28th, 2008
Publisher : Kensington Aphrodisia
Genre : Contemporary Western Romance

Wearing his brand
Lyssa McDonough always loved Brandon Tynan, but he always keeps his distance. Now she is caught in a barbed wire fence and Brandon is her rescuer. Brandon takes her home to take care of her wounds and send her back to her ranch. He promised her brother and his best friend Mac, that he will keep an eye on her when he’s away. But it is getting harder and harder to ignore his feelings for Lyssa.

Slow Ride
Daniel Tynan is back at the Dermott farm as a horse trainer. Maggie Dermott is in need of some help in order to keep her ranch. Since Daniel was a teen-ager he had the hots for his boss’s wife Maggie, now she is a widow and he is determined to seduce her. But Maggie isn’t sure about this romance because it seems Daniel is much younger that she is.

Straight up soldier
Mac McDonough is an ex-soldier who returned home injured. Although his sister Lyssa and his friends want what best for him, he isolates himself from them. When a friend contacts him and convince him to take a job as a bodyguard for a woman, he cannot refuse. It appears Suki is in hiding from her violent ex-boyfriend and knows she needs help, but when Mac shows up on her doorstep she isn’t convince he is the one for the job. But even though Mac is injured, he knows his way to Suki’s heart.

Delilah Devlin is a fabulous author and she did an amazing job with this book. All three stories were just fabulous; I loved the fact that all the stories were connected by family members. Just reading about those gorgeous cowboys, make me dream about a cowboy of my own. Damn they were hot.

For those who love contemporary western romance, you definitely need to check out this novel. You will get three terrific stories with fabulous characters. I’ll promise you by the end of the book you’ll want a cowboy of your own.


Aurian zei

I'm not really into cowboys, but this one sounds fun, and I do like family-connected series.

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