zondag 25 september 2011

Jill Monroe - Lord of Rage

Title : Lord of Rage
Series : Royal House of Shadows #2
Release date : September 20th, 2011
Publisher : Harlequin Nocturne
Genre : Paranormal Romance

The story begins when a Blood sorcerer kills the king and queen of Magical Elden and has plans to kill their four children next in order to get the throne. But never underestimate the love and strength of parents, their mother had enough strength in her to combine her power and send them away to survive and deal with their enemy later.

Breena is the princess of Elden and was getting ready to choose a suitable husband. But during an attack on the royal family by the Blood sorcerer, in order to keep her and her brothers save her parents send them away by magic. Now she finds herself alone and lost in the forest, she is drawn to follow this path that leads her to this small cottage in the middle of the forest. She cannot remember what happened to her in the last couple of days, but she does remember the mysterious warrior from her dreams and knows she needs him.

Osborn is the warrior of her dreams and the owner of the small cottage in the forest. He was a member of the proud Berserker Clan. On the night of his Bärenjagd, a journey from boy to man, there was an attack on his village. Osborn lost everything that night, only his two younger brothers survive the attack. Now he is raising them in the forest and planning his revenge on the people who murdered the entire village.

Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe is the second novel in The Royal House of Shadows, which he is co-writing with Gena Showalter, Jessica Andersen and Nalini Singh.

I loved the fact that these four authors combine their writing skills to create this amazing series. I really like it that they based it all around four of their favorite fairy tales. Jill Monroe has chosen “Goldilocks and the three bears”.

Breena is a wonderful character, although she is a princess who’s used to have things her way, she is not spoiled. She’s kind, caring, has compassion and a determination to get her memory back so she can plan her return. She is slowly recovering the magical transport her parents arranged and knows she has to train her fighting skills to survive.

But then she meets her dream warrior Osborn and his two younger brothers Bernt & Torben. Osborn is a cold stubborn man when he first meets Breena, he recognize her from their shared dreams and know she will endanger their hiding place in the forest. But her kindness melts his heart and he knows he has to train her in order for her to survive.

I’ve heard of Jill Monroe before but never read any of her books, but that is going to change. This book has captured me from the beginning and held that till the end. This book was well written with some action, great characters and teasing to read the other books in the series.

I cannot wait to read more about the last two siblings Dayn and Micah and hope they all reunite at the end.


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