donderdag 22 september 2011

Jeaniene Frost - This side of the grave

Title : This side of the grave
Series : Night Huntress #5
Release date : February 22th, 2011
Publisher : Harper Collins
Genre : Urban Fantasy

Wherever Cat goes, troubles will follow her but luckily for Cat she has gorgeous Bones at her side to help her. This new trouble is a Ghoul who is using the threat of the “Red Reaper” to create a war between the Ghouls and the vampires. It will take everything Cat and Bones has to find a way to stop this war.

So they visit Majestic, the voodoo queen of New Orleans and that is one thing Cat isn’t looking forward to. With Majestic you never know if she will help you or have plans against you, but there is only one way to find out on which side she is now.

This side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost is the fifth novel in her fabulous Night Huntress Series. I cannot believe Miss Frost did it again, her novels are getting better and better. I think everyone knows by now, that I’m a huge fan of this series, so it was great to see Cat and Bones getting closer to each other. Their relationship is growing into something solid further along in the series.

I believe Cat has finally grow up, we all know she has a thing to run off on her own, because that is what she’s used to do. But now she realize that whatever she goes, Bones will follow her and have her back when she needs it. She cannot protect him all the time, because it is time to be equals in this relationship. And let’s face it; Bones don’t need protection it seems he’s getting more power with each book.

Bones has really grown into his leadership; yes he has the same issues as Cat and wants to keep her save on the sideline to protect her. But I think he finally accept it that, that is one thing she can never do.

Cat’s bond with her old team is still strong and I loved it when they are popping in and help them with any case they have. The situation with Cat’s uncle Don has broke my heart, I never would expect this out come and I really hope Cat can give it a place in the next book.

If you still need to read this book then be prepared for lots of action, great and steamy scenes and one heart breaking situation.


Aurian zei

Hmm time for me to catch up with this series, I believe I have read the first 3. Or perhaps re-reading them ...

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