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Anthology - Obsessed

Title : Obsessed
Release date : Augusts 15th, 2011
Publisher : Cleis Press
Genre : Erotica Romance

Silent Treatment by Donna George Storey
When a woman leaves her busy life in the city for a weekend of silence in a meditation Centre, she couldn’t imagine seeing her ex-lover there. It seems the chemistry between them is still there, but he has some explaining to do and because of the silent treatment the only way to communicate is by body language.

One night in Paris by Kayla Perrin
Vivian is obsessed by her boss Aaron since the one night stand they have. Aaron has been avoiding her ever since, but Vivian wants another night full of passion. So when she arranges his business trip to Paris, she is planning to follow him and convince Aaron to see her in another way then his assistant.

Concubine by Portia Da Costa
When Rick is recovering from a broken ankle, he asks his wife to tell him one of her erotic stories. She cannot deny her husband anything, so she tells him the story about Prince Alaric and his concubine Merry.

Love and Demotion by Logan Belle
Cat is the assistant of Declan Guinness at the publishing house and has the hots for him. He asks her to join him to a book party one night, she loves to go with him but have to leave early. It appears she has a second job and for four nights a week she performs at the Crushed Velvet, a burlesque club. This night turns out different then the others, because Declan followed her and is in the audience. Now is the time to let him see the real Cat.

Mephisto Waltz by Justine Elyot
Twelve years ago Lily Arliss was a student of Leonid Gorodetsky. Now all grown up she won a competition and has a master class with her old piano teacher. She plays an excellent piece, but is missing the passion and Leonid is just the right man to teach her that.

Then by Emerald
Valerie and Chris are together for three and half years, when she tells him she’s attracted to another man. When the three of them meet each other again on a birthday party, Valerie couldn’t imagine that her sexual fantasies is about to come true when her boyfriend invites Hayden for a one night stand.

It’s gotta be fate by Jennifer Peters
For once in her life she wants to dominate a man in the bedroom, her ex-boyfriend was always in charge and the men behind him were just the same. So when she places an ad, looking for a man she can dominate with no string attached, she wasn’t ready to see her ex Kevin again. But fate brought them together for a reason, so maybe this role playing in the bedroom is just what they needed.

Hooked by Ariel Graham
Ricki and Jody just moved to Reno, so their sex life is on hold for a while. Then one morning Ricki discover a hook on the ceiling corner of their bedroom. Ever since that discovery she has daydreams about Jody tying her up and has his wicked ways with her. When Jody finds out her fantasy, he cannot get to the store fast enough to get everything they needed.

Aftershocks by Bella Andre
Celeste and Darren Maclean are about to get a divorce when they both appear in the storage to clean out their stuff. Their relationship has always been good, but Celeste wants the firework. When Darren demands an explanation why she leaves him, she cannot hold back her fantasy. She wants a dominate man and she’s is surprised when Darren tells her he has been holding back in the bedroom. It appears he is one hell of a dominate man and he wants his wife back.

Secret places by Adele Haze
Marian and Dan meet each other at the subway where Dan plays his music. Not long after their meeting, they are going out for drinks and spend the night together. During their relationship Marian discovers that Dan is holding back and she is determined to find out his secret.

Loser by Charlotte Stein
Mallory and Billy are having a sexual relationship with no strings attached. Then one night Mallory visits Billy to have one of their fabulous nights, not really knowing it will change their relationship forever.

Here in between by Kristina Wright
When a woman gets a flat tire in the middle of the nowhere, she is afraid to spend the night in her small car. But then this gorgeous stranger in his truck pulls over, he drives her to a nearby motel and gives her the night of her life.

Spellbound by Garnell Wallace
Kia Monet is in Haiti to shoot a documentary film when she meets Jonah. The attraction between them is huge from the beginning, but they know it will be brief because Kia has to go back to the US. On the morning of her leaving, an earthquake is disturbing her plans, demanding they realize the true meaning of their relationship.

Raven’s flight by Andrea Dale
One morning a woman wakes up to a noise, only to discover this architect tearing down the house next to her. She wants to give him a piece of her mind, but the only thing she can think off is the lick every line of his tattoo.

Raindrops and rooftops by Elizabeth Coldwell
Keeley Carter works for a travel magazine in London and has been send to New York to over the opening of the latest boutique hotel. When she meets the owner of the hotel, Adam Dunbar she knows her short stay could be a ride on the rollercoaster.

Topiary by K.D. Grace
Aden is a landscaper and is full into his work. Bess is his partner and he takes his job seriously when he even landscape a private part on her body, hoping it will spice up their sex life.

I want to hold your hand by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Shelly and Ron are married for quite some time now. Ron lost some weight in the last couple of months and has been attracting the gazes of women around him Shelly doesn’t like it and is afraid to loose him. So Ron has to show her that she’s the only one for him, no matter the size of his body.

Storm Surge by Teresa Noelle Roberts
A couple has huge cravings for big weathers, so when a tropical storm is roaring the sky, they rushed to their summerhouse at the beach, to add another mind blowing experience on their sexual list.

Undercover Kink by Louisa Harte
Nathalie has one obsession and that is kinky underwear, nobody would’ve expected her naughty underwear under her business suit. When she picks up her latest outfit, her usual lingerie manager isn’t there, but this gorgeous guy Brad is. She might ask him for a second opinion.

Obsessed Anthology has quite a few short erotica stories and I have to say all has been well written. They all are hot and steamy, just the way I like it when I read erotica.

It’s normal that one story is better than the other, but I only have a weird feeling with one of the stories, but I liked all the others.

I have to say those authors done an amazing job with these very short stories, some of them had me right from the first paragraph.

Now I know why I enjoy reading anthologies, those short stories are easy to read and very entertaining. So if you are looking for some small hot sexual stories, then this is definitely the book for you.


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