woensdag 16 december 2009

Ilona Andrews - On the Edge

Rose Drayton raises her two younger brothers Jack and George, ever since her parents died. Rose is working hard to send those two boys to school, but not everything is what it seems in the world she is living in. Rose and her brothers are living in a place called On the Edge, a place between two realms. The Broken is the world where normal people are living with no kind of magic. On the other side you have The Weird, a magical realm. On the Edge is where people live who are a mix of both, half human half magic.

Because of Rose heritage she has quite a few suitors on her tail and she isn’t happy about it. Some of them want to control her for magic powers and other just want to see her dead because they fear her. But then blue-blooded aristocrat Lord Declan Camarine appears on Rose’s doorstep and she fears he is just another suitor. However Declan has come to the Edge to chase a deadly enemy and he needs Rose’s help to stop this evil before he destroys all magic-kind.

In the meantime Declan is working hard to win Rose over and convince her they belong together.

On the Edge by Ilona Andrews is the first novel in the new series The Edge and I have to say Miss Andrews built an fabulous world, full of magic creatures and great characters.

Rose Drayton is a young woman who takes care of her two younger brothers. She has some help of her grandmother, but she has to work hard in the human world to support all of them. Since the age of sixteen Rose has been in danger, it appears she has un unusual power, she can flash white magic and that means she is extremely powerful. So every suitor wants her for any family blood line or they want her dead. So when Lord Declan Camarine shows up on her doorstep she has to find out what he wants from her and why. Rose cannot deny the attraction between them, but she learned from the past never to trust a handsome man just by their words, they could break your heart and dance on it. So Declan has to pull everything he has to convince her that he really wants her for who she is, not for her powers.

I’m already a huge fan of Ilona Andrews’s magic series and I believe this book is no exception. The characters are great, especially the two younger brothers, both with their own magic. I truly can say that I’m looking forward to read the next book in this series and see what will happen to Rose and Declan next.


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