woensdag 16 december 2009

Jocelynn Drake - Nightwalker

Mira is one of the vampire enforcer with her own domain, but she has an unusual gift. Ever nightwalker calls her the Fire Starter, because she is the only vampire that can control fire without burning herself. Mira was blessed with that gift when she was a child and before her maker turned her. She is also not afraid to use her gift to protect the ones she cares about. But trouble is on its way, a hunter called Danaus comes to her territory and she is determined to find out what he wants.

Danaus is human and despises all nightwalkers and kills them for a living, but this time he needs Mira’s help to fight against their common enemy. He tells Mira the news about the Naturi, an elfin race that wants to take over Earth and wipe out all other living beings. A few centuries ago the vampires locked away the Naturi, but they are trying to break the seal and they are getting close.

Mira cannot believe what she is hearing, her all time enemies, the very ones who torture her centuries ago are trying to come back. She will do anything to prevent that, even if that means working together with the hunter.

Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake is the first novel in her Dark Days series and I have to say it’s a fabulous debut novel. Drake created a terrific world with vampires, werewolves, elves and other creatures.

Main character Mira is a strong female vampire with a powerful gift, she’s able to control fire, which is very rare for vampires. Apparently she had that gift when she was young and her maker waited till she grown into her power before she turned her. Over the centuries the power became more powerful, so that makes her the enemy of several of her own people. The young vampires fear her and stay out of her way, but the elderly vampires wants to control that power. So Mira turned her back on her maker and escape to the US where she started her own domain. Now the dark days are coming and Mira is forced to face her maker and the council to deal with their enemy, but the question is who she can trust.
But she isn’t alone in this battle, the help of hunter Danaus is more than welcome, because it seems the hunter has a power of his own. They will forget the differences between the two species and deal with that after the war is over.

I really like Mira; she is one hell of a kick ass chick and really knows how to defend herself in battle. She isn’t afraid to face whatever comes on her path. She knows Danaus wants to kill her and will try that when the war is over and she is determined to beat him to it. But she’s also plays with the attraction between them, teasing him in every way.
Danaus is strong and a good fighter, but full of mysteries. There is a power in him that nobody can describe yet, but it helps them in every fight they facing. I would love to find out more about his past.

I truly can say that this book made me curious to see how the rest of the series will go. I’m looking forward to read the next novel.


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