donderdag 26 maart 2009

Shayla Black - Tempt me with darkness

After her mother’s death, American art dealer Olivia Gray packs up her things and move to England to find the father she never known. Olivia is determined to stay in England and opens an art shop. She hires a detective to look for her father, but her case reaches a dead end. But Oliva gets help from her new friend Bram, who happens to be part of a long line of magical wizards with huge powers. But Bram has his own reasons for helping Olivia, so he introduces her to Marrok of Cadbury and his beautiful carvings, in the hope to get something from Marrok.

Marrok of Cadbury was one of the most skilled warriors of King Arthur, but falling in love with witch Morganna wasn’t a good idea. Centuries ago Morganna placed a curse on Marrok and he is still trying desperately to break the curse. He knows the answer lies in the magical book he possesses; the only thing is how to open the book. To pass his time through the centuries Marrok carves wood figures and caught the eye of Olivia, an American art dealer.

When Olivia and Marrok meet for the first time, sparkles are flying, but Marrok cannot believe his eyes, because Olivia looks a lot like Morganna. Marrok is convince that Olivia can break the curse and lures her to his home, not knowing that will change his life forever and becoming involved in a magical war.

Tempt me with darkness by Shayla Black is the first novel in her Doomsday Brethren series. I have to say it surprise me, I like this new world with connection to Merlin, Arthur and Morganna.

Main-characters Marrok and Olivia have a connection from the first moment they meet. Marrok is shocked to see the resembling between Morganna and Olivia; he is convinced she is Morganna. So he lures Olivia to his home with all the wrong reasons, but he cannot ignore the huge attraction between them. When he finally discovers Olivia is not Morganna, but one of her descendant he will do anything to get her help with breaking the curse, so he can died peacefully. But he didn’t expect to fall in love with her.
Olivia left America after her mother died, she found some papers about her father and she is desperate to find him. So moving to England was the first thing on her list and opening up an Art shop the second, after all a girl got to eat and art was her life. The moment Marrok of Cadbury walks into her shop, her whole world is turning upside down. Olivia not only falls in love with this gorgeous artist, but discovers she maybe has some magic in her.

Every book I’ve read by Shayla Black swept me of my feet and this novel isn’t exception. She really knows how to create a world full of magic, legends and steamy love scenes. I’ve said this before she is definitely one of the best erotica authors I’ve read and after reading this novel she is also very good with magical legends connecting this to Merlin & Arthur.

Magic, legends and great love scenes, this is a novel that takes your mind of the daily routine and lures you right into its fabulous world.


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