donderdag 26 maart 2009

Laurell K. Hamilton - Circus of the damned

Anita Black, a former vampire hunter and necromancer gets a visit from two former members of the HAV (Humans against vampires); they have joined a new group who act more radical than HAV. The rumours are that the government are considering giving the vampires the right to vote. The new group want to kill every vampire, starting with the Master of the city. Reuben and Inger want Anita’s help finding this master vampire, but she refuses. She is not giving them the hiding place of Jean-Claude, the master vampire who has marked her twice, only two marks away to convert her to his human servant.

But Anita has other thing to worry about than helping those former HAV members; she’s dealing with murder victims having several fang marks on their body and not from a single vampire, but from several. Anita knows this is wrong because vampires don’t hunt in packs, but prefer hunting alone. All the signs are telling her there is a rogue master vampire in town and he is very dangerous. There are a few vampires who fit the description, including Jean-Claude.

Circus of the damned by Laurell K. Hamilton is the third novel in her Anita Blake series and another great one. Just like the previous novels I was hooked from page one. Laurell K. Hamilton really knows how to create a world with multiple species, danger and a very strong and determined heroine to fight against evil.

Animator Anita Blake is good at her job, that is why people specifically ask her for the job, when they want to raise the dead. But Anita also works closely with the police special zombie squat, when the need her opinion about different creatures.

Anita’s relationship with Jean-Claude, the master vampire is still tense. The huge attraction between them is a good reason for Jean-Claude to want her as his human servant. Anita is determined to prevent that from happening, she cannot change the fact she already got two of the four marks, but she will do anything to stop Jean-Claude giving her the last two, even though he is the most gorgeous vampire she ever seen.

It seems there are more men in town who are interested in Anita’s affection. Alpha were Richard develop some feelings for Anita and hope she will forget Jean-Claude and maybe choose him. But Jean-Claude isn’t the only master vampire who wants Anita as his human servant and if this other master vampire succeeds all the marks Jean-Claude put on her will disappear.

Just like the previous novels I really enjoyed reading this book and loved every minute of it. I’m curious to see what will happen with Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard in the future novels, will she choose one of them or will a third party take the price.


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