woensdag 14 januari 2009

Samantha James - The seduction of an unknown lady

Lady Fionna Hawkes owns a bookstore, but secretly she is a writer under the pen name E.J. Sparrow. Fionna likes to wander the dark streets to find some inspiration for her stories in the newspaper and for her own books. Nobody knows she is the famous author and she wants to keep it that way. Her books and stories are very popular, which give her to opportunity to provide her ill mother the best medical care she needs. Fionna’s mother suffers from a debilitating mental illness, so Fionna had to put her in a private sanatorium. But her life is about to turn around when she meets a handsome stranger, when she is out for her nightly walk

Aidan McBride is walking home late from his brother’s home, when a young woman catches his eyes. Because it’s already after midnight Aidan thinks the woman is in needs of his help, but the woman thinks otherwise and slap him with her parasol. Aidan doesn’t know if he should be angry or just laugh. He could use a laugh right now, because he just returns from Indian after being away for years. His guilt over a battle where only a few soldiers survive is giving him nightmares. Maybe this young woman is just what he needs right now.

Aidan begins his seduction and he doesn’t take no for an answer. He wants to know everything about this lovely lady.

The seduction of an unknown lady by Samantha James is the second novel in the McBride Trilogy. Just like the previous novel it’s easy to read and is full of emotions, humour and in the end true love.

The main characters Aidan and Fionna are two people with their own past and secrets. Aidan McBride left his family years ago to serve in the war in India. In one of this battle, the enemy lured Aidan and his army into a trap with only a few survivors. The guilt Aidan felt and sometimes still feels is pushing to travel around, but now he’s back home in England. So when Aidan meets the lovely Fionna Hawkes on the streets late at night, he know she will make his life a little more interesting.

Fionna Hawkes is the proud owner of a bookstore and secretly writes stories and books under the pen name E.J. Sparrow. With the extra money she can provide her ill mother the best care she needs in the private sanatorium, as long as know one knows the true identity of E.J. Sparrow. But someone is following her late at night and leaves message that he knows who she is and that they will be together someday. So her first meeting with Aidan McBride during her daily midnight walks isn’t the one she had in mind.
I really like Samantha James’s style; it’s relaxing, funny and full of excitement and eventually true love. The novel is easy to read and gives you a real relaxing mood and it was just what I needed. What I really like about this novel is that each chapter begins with a small excerpt of Fionna’s novel, the same novel Aidan’s brother Alex is dying to read.

I’m looking forward to read the last novel in this trilogy, because I want to know if the eldest brother Alex McBride is going to find the love of his life.


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