zondag 25 januari 2009

Patricia Briggs - Blood bound

Recently the werewolves made themselves known to the human race, just like the fae outed by the Grey Lords. Mechanic Mercy Thompson is unique; she is a walker who turns into a coyote if she wants to. She is fast, has a strong sense of smell and among her friends are some werewolves, fae and even some vampires.

So when Stefan, a vampire friend asks Mercy for help she cannot refuse him. Stefan needs Mercy in her coyote form to witness what happens when he visits a demon rogue vampire. This powerful rogue vampire could hypnotize Stefan and even kill him, so Mercy is there to witness and maybe prevent that. After the awful meeting Stefan believes this rogue vampire is the very same, who is been killing humans and calling newly made vampires.

The vampire Queen has a hard time to believe one of her own is killing, but when she puts Stefan and later on Mercy on the vampire magic chair, the truth is hard to ignore. She orders Stefan to kill this rogue vampire, no matter what but with discreet. But when one of the werewolves gets badly hurt, Stefan knows he needs the help of the werewolf pack.

But the vampire queen believes Mercy, the walker is the only one who can find and kill the demon vampire. Mercy refuses, but when her werewolves’ friends Adam & Samuel are captured and hurt, she is out for war.

Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs is the second novel in the Mercedes Thompson series. After reading the first novel, Miss Patricia Briggs got my attention. This series has all the stuff I want in a book, vampires, werewolves, fae and a very strong female character.

Mercedes Thompson is taking care of herself for years now, just minding her own business and running her garage. But it seems every time trouble is in town, it knows his way to find her. Now a demon vampire is in town killing innocent humans and luring newly turned vampires. And if she believes the vampire queen, she’s the only one who can stop him. Well if you kidnapped two of her werewolves’ friend, you can get exactly that.

Patricia Briggs knows how to write a novel, the moment you start reading it lures you right into the story and you don’t want to stop it unless you finished it. Well, that is exactly what I did…start reading and forgot all about the time and finished the book several hours later. It was interesting to see the relationship between Mercy, Adam and Samuel grow and the confusion Mercy has when she thinks about her feelings for these two men. She knows she have to decide sooner or later, because two powerful alphas’s in one area isn’t good.
I have to read the next novel to find out is she already pick her man…oh I’m so hoping she pick my favorite.


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