woensdag 14 januari 2009

Patricia Briggs - Moon Called

Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson is a mechanic and owns her own garage. She was raised by one of the most powerful werewolves pack in North America, even though Mercy isn’t a werewolf. She is a walker and is able to shift into a coyote when necessity. So when a freshly made werewolf Mac ends up on her doorstep, she knows she should tell the Cities Alpha and her neighbor Adam, but she decide to wait a little longer.

But when this turns bad Mercy has no choice then to call Adam and explain everything. But it’s too late, the newly werewolf Mac is murdered, Adam injured and Adam’s human daughter Jesse is kidnapped because of it. Mercy doesn’t know who to trust, so she borrows a van and takes the injured Adam back to the place she grew up.

Back home Mercy knows she has to face Samuel, whom she adored as a child and loved when she was a young woman. The very same man she betrayed and left behind. But Adam needs help and Samuel is just the right guy to help him. Because of his amazing healing ability as an alpha Adam is back on his feet in know time. Now he and Mercy along with Samuel are getting back to rescue his daughter Jesse and trying to figure out the mysterious person who is responsible for all of this.

Moon called by Patricia Briggs is the first novel in the Mercedes Thompson series. It’s the first novel I’ve read by Miss Briggs and I have to say she didn’t disappoint me at all. I couldn’t believe myself for not reading her novels sooner. I had the first two novels on my shelves for months and recently discovered them again, well what a lovely surprise.

Mercedes Thompson is a strong person who can take care of herself. She knows that as a coyote she isn’t strong, but faster than the werewolves. She doesn’t belong to any of the packs and she likes it that way. She knows that the alpha wolf and her neighbor Adam wants for her to join his pack and take her place as his alpha mate, but Mercy refuses.
Now her neighborly relationship with Adam takes a whole different turn, when her ex-boyfriend Samuel comes to town. Two alpha males in one town that cannot be good.

I’m a huge fan of vampires, werewolves, shape shifters and witches stories, so this series is becoming one of my favorite at this moment. It contains everything I need in a book; danger, some good doses of jealousy and companionship to get the job done. It will be interesting to see how the relationship between Mercy, Adam & Samuel will develop in the future books. I cannot wait to find out. Of course I have my favorite man and hopefully she will choose him someday, when Mercy is ready. But for now I’m happy with the ending and counting the days till I can read the next novel.


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