zondag 25 januari 2009

Patricia Briggs - Iron kissed

Mechanic Mercy Thompson’s friend and mentor Zee calls on her for help. It seems someone or something is killing fae on their reservation and Zee hopes Mercy is able to sense anything in her coyote form to help identify the killer. Zee takes Mercy to the reservation so she can visit the homes of several fae that have been killed. During the investigation Mercy finds herself seeing things that she shouldn’t have.

Mercy is able to sense the identity of the killer. But when Zee and his fae friend Mike go confront the killer, he is already dead. It was a trap, the police had been called and Zee is taking the fall for the murder. Everyone around Mercy is telling her to stop investigating, but Zee means everything to her, so she is determined to find the real killer and bring him to justice. The closer Mercy’s getting, the more she learns about things that should have remain hidden.

With some help of some magical objects Mercy is able to find the real killer and get Zee out of prison.

Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs is the third novel in the Mercedes Thompson series and the novels are getting better and better. In each novel we find more about this world Mercy lives in, about the werewolves, the vampires and the fae all living among humans, the several secrets and her triangle relationship with Adam and Samuel.

What I really like about this series is the way it lures you right into it. The moment you start reading, you forget everything around you and enjoy the ride, at least that’s what I did. I really like the character Mercy, she strong and determined to do things her way and doesn’t want to interfere with the wolves/vampires/fae things, but that doesn’t mean they will leave her alone. Her relationship with Samuel, her ex-boyfriend and one of the alpha werewolves in town is getting stronger. Mercy discovers that she still loves him, but not in the way he wants to. Adam, the other alpha werewolf is determined to make her finally his and the huge attraction between them is in his favor. Mercy knows that she has to make the decision really soon.

The only thing for me to say is that I’m hooked…this series is definitely one of my favorites. And if Miss Patricia Briggs keeps writing like this in her future books, then she will keep me as one of her huge fans. She is my auto-buy list from this day forward...


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