dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Kendra Leigh Castle - Dark Awakening

Title : Dark Awakening
Series : Dark Dynasties #1
Release date : June 28, 2011
Publisher : Grand Central Publishing
Genre : Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance

Tynan MacGillivray is a cait sith, a vampire who can shape shift into a big cat. But among the different classes of the vampire’s society, the cait sith are considered one of the lowest of their kind. Now the highest class, the Ptolemy is under attack and their Queen needs Tynan for his hunting skills. She needs a human Seer to help them discover the identity of their enemy and she needs the human fast, before their race is gone for good.

Lily Quinn’s parents died when she was very young and this Hollywood couple adopted her. But when her adopted mother became pregnant, Lily knew her childhood wouldn’t be the same again. It was in that time that she discovered her unusual powers and tries to hide them from the rest of the world. When she meets Tynan after one of her “ghost hunters event”, she is immediately attracted to him and knows that he’s the danger type.

Not soon after that she’ll discover she is right about Tynan, because an attack on her life and being kidnapped in the same night isn’t her normal life.

Dark Awakening by Kendra Leigh Castle is the first novel in her Dark Dynasties Series and a great beginning.

The first moment Tynan sees Lily, he is attracted to her without knowing she is the one he’s looking for. The attraction is mutual and you can see sparkles coming from the pages, but Tynan cannot give in to this attraction. The entire vampire race is on the line when he does, because Lily will loose her Seer powers the moment any vampire bites her.

During their journey to see this queen of the Ptolemy race, they discover that there is more going on that the queen told Tynan. His best buddy Jaden is now an outcast and is hunted, and other vampire groups are fighting each other. It’s up to Lily and Tynan to find the solution to keep the peace and also to find the traitor who’s responsible for all those deaths.

I’m a total sucker for vampire stories, so I couldn’t resist this book and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see this new world with fabulous characters. Tynan is not really the hero you expect him to be, he’s stubborn to see how the world around him is changing and that people around him can be deceiving. But Lily is the fabulous heroine who straight things up for him. She’ll definitely balance him back to the good side and together they will be a strong couple that could be on the top of the chain.

I believe second character Jaden’s book is next and I cannot wait for his book. He’s a fabulous character and I’m curious to see who his heroine is going to be, because it has to be a strong person to tame this vampire cat.


Aurian zei

Nice review Natasja, you are really tempting me and Freya with it.

Lady Caella zei

Thanks...lol...well it's not my intension to tempt you guys...LOL

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