maandag 20 juni 2011

Jennifer Rardin - The Deadliest Bite

Title : The deadliest bite
Series : Jaz Parks # 8
Release date : June 2nd, 2011
Publisher : Orbit Publisher
Genre : Urban Fantasy

Jaz Parks has been living with Brude inside her head for a while now and she is sick and tired that he is slowly killing her from the inside out. Brude has one goal; if he cannot have Jaz then now one will. On their last journey to Morocco they found the tools to carve his name in the gates of Hell, but the only thing left to do is find the right spot and that is not so easy as it seems. There are some people who don’t want Jaz and her companions to succeed.

But that is not all Jaz has to worry about, someone almost succeed in killing her lover Vayl and she is forbidden to teach this young man a lesson. It seems fate has a wicked way of telling them that this young man is important to Vayl in a very surprising way.

The Deadliest Bite by Jennifer Rardin is the last novel in her Jaz Parks Series and I have to say it’s fabulous. I loved this series from the first book and Miss Rardin never let me down after reading that first book. It was a shock to hear about her passing, but I have to compliment her for closing this series the way she did.

We all know that Jaz Parks is one hell of an assassin, who doesn’t blink when she has to take some lives. Along her journey through life she meets assassin and vampire Vayl and they get really close, even though they have a hectic life and are from different species. There isn’t a thing they would do for each other, but also for the group they working with.

I was happy to see that most of my questions were answered in this final instalment, we get to see how Vayl and Jaz will end up, also what fate has in store for Cole especially after what happened to him in the previous book and most important if Vayl finally finds the spirits of his two sons.

The Deadliest Bite is a book full of danger, companionship and most of all justice. It was the book I expected to see to end this fabulous series. All though I’m a little sad to see the end of this series, I’m happy to see all the characters in the place where they belong. The journey they all took was long, dangerous and difficult, but being together and have each other’s back was worth it.

I can honestly say that this series is one of the best I even read. These books will be on my shelves for a very long time and I’m definitely going to re-read them in the future.


Aurian zei

I know I have read the first book in this series, and it did not impress me all that much. Not sure if I will ever read the rest of the series.

Aimee zei

I loved this series too! I'm glad it was finished, but also sad at the loss of such a great writer. Great review!

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