dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Cara Lynn Schultz - Spellbound

Title : Spellbound
Release date : June 28, 2011
Publisher : Harlequin Teens
Genre : Young Adult Romance

Sixteen-year old Emma Connor’s life has been rough, her father left them when she was young, her twin-brother died when she was fourteen and now her mother passed away, only a year after her brother. She was left behind in the care of her abusive, alcoholic stepfather and he almost killed them in a car accident, which has left her with some physical scars on her arm. Now she has moved to New York to live with her aunt and hope to finish Vincent Academy quietly by staying in the background.

Every school has their bullies and soon Emma has her differences with the popular mean girl Kristin and popular boy Anthony, who doesn’t seem to understand the word “no”. But luckily for Emma she’s find some friends soon, who will watch her back and among them is green-eyed hottie Brendan.

Spellbound by Cara Lynn Schultz is a fabulous young adult novel, mixing paranormal with young true love.

Emma Connor is a normal young woman, who has seem enough tragic in her life, first her father leaving and then the dead of her twin-brother and mother soon after each other. To forget that she is a tragic magnet, she moves to New York to live with her aunt. She hopes to finish school in quiet, but almost immediately she draws the attention of the popular bullies of the school.

From the first day at school she is attracted to handsome green-eyed boy Brendan and the attraction seem to be mutual, but for some reason Brendan stays far away from her. Then the weird dreams are coming and light start burning out whenever she is around, it seems everything has to do with her charm necklace, which her twin-brother Ethan gave her before he died and Brendan also seems to know more.

So she turns to the only one who can help her figure out this situation, her new friend Angelique, and the witch of the school.

The second characters Angelique, cousin Ashley and Cisco are all fabulous. They all accept Emma in their circle from the very beginning, even if they know the true about her background. I really hope to see more of Angelique and her witchcraft.

The popular couple and bullies Kristen and Anthony are a real piece of work. She is the jealous type and will do almost everything to get what she wants, without caring is she hurts others in the process. Anthony is the real scumbag of the book, what he did to Emma at the end of the book was unacceptable. I really hope that he gets what he deserves, if there will be another book.

Spellbound was great and definitely worth to read, I found myself reading and reading because I wanted to know what the end was going to be. Emma and Brendan were so right for each other and the further you got in the book, the more you understood why everything happened the way it did.

I’ll definitely keep my eye on this author and see what she has in store for us next.


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