dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Vicki Lewis Thompson - Should've been a Cowboy (ARC)

Title : Should’ve been a Cowboy
Series : Sons of Chance #4
Release date : May 24th, 2011
Publisher : Harlequin Publisher
Genre : Contemporary Romance

Alex Keller has left the fast life of the city behind him after a disaster break-up with his ex-wife. Now he’s living on the Chance ranch in Wyoming and lives as a real cowboy. But he cannot seem to forget the passionate woman he had a one-night stand with in the hayloft ten months ago.

Tyler O’Connelli is a party organizer on a cruise ship and is heading towards a huge promotion, just like she dreamed off. Just before sailing off again, she visits her very pregnant sister at the Chance ranch and spend some time there. But Tyler couldn’t suspect seeing Alex again, she knows this will change her future, even if she doesn’t want it…or does she.

Should’ve been a Cowboy by Vicki Lewis Thompson is the fourth book in her Sons of Chance Series and I loved it. I haven’t read the previous three books in this series, but that doesn’t matter, you will pick up about the storyline and character soon enough.

Alex & Tyler had a one time thing in the hayloft after her sister’s wedding, neither one was interested in a relationship, Alex was just recovering of a divorce and Tyler’s dream job was just around the corner. So when Tyler suddenly appears on the Chance ranch, where Alex works and lives now, you can imagine both their surprise.

The chemistry between them is still huge and even though neither of them seem to want a relationship, they agree to give in to the attraction and have an affair for the rest of Tyler’s stay. But being together and around their families gives them both something to think about.

I love Alex, he is definitely my favorite character of this book, he’s a tough city boy who took the opportunity to give his life meaning again by moving to Wyoming and be near his sister, especially after the betrayal of his ex-wife. I have to say he turned into one hell of a sexy cowboy, I really wanted to be in Tyler’s spot during the book, especially the shower scene.

This novel is well written and has some fabulous characters. I found it a very entertaining novel and couldn’t help myself drreaming about handsome cowboys. I also have to give my compliments to the cover, that’s one hell of a cowboy.


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