dinsdag 24 mei 2011

Lisa Renee Jones - Beast of Desire

Title : Beast of Desire
Series : Knight of White #2
Release date : March 2008
Publisher : Harlequin (Silhouette Nocturne Series)
Genre : Paranormal Romance

An Immortal group of warriors, called the Knights of White are all men that were attacked somewhere in the past by one of the Darkland Beasts. Then only be saved by a man named Salvador, these warriors are bound to protect humankind against these evil beast.

Des is one of those Knights of White; he was betrayed by his Spanish ruler’s daughter and died after an attack of a Darkland Beast. Every day Des feels his beast growing inside him; it wants to come out, to become the thing they are fighting against. But Des knows there might be a solution, just like his leader and best friend Jag had found to satisfy his beast. But will it be in time? Will Des survive his final test?

Jessica is an archeologist and works at the museum. Her father is a senator and afraid for his daughter, because she followed her mother with her career and he is afraid that he will lose her too. The museum has possession of the journal of Solomon, something her mother was looking for. It appears the book contains a list of angelic bloodlines and there are some people who will do anything to get their hands on that journal.

Beast of Desire by Lisa Renee Jones is the second novel in her Knight of White Series and another fabulous book to read.

The warriors of the Knight of White are all men who died by the hand of the Darkland Beast, who were trying to steal their human souls. But Salvatore restores their soul and recruits them to be part of a group that fights this evil enemy and save human kind.

Des and his team has been send to the museum to collect the journal before the Darkland Beasts gets their hands on it. The Knights want it to track down the angelic lines in order to see if there are more mates for them and protect them. The Darkland Beast wants the journal so they can destroy the line and rule the world.

Des pretends to be a potential donor for some artifacts and meets Jessica there, the attraction between them is good and Des feels his beast responding, calming down. He cannot tell her the truth about what he is and why he’s there. But when an insider of the museum works together with the Beast to get more power, Des knows it is time to fill Jessica in on things and hopes she can help them and forgive him for lying.

It’s only the second book in the series but I’m already a huge fan, the Knights of White are strong determined men who want to fight for the greater good. Their mates are great characters and strong minded to join them on the journey to destroy the Beasts.

Darkland Beast leader Adrian works directly for Cain and want to prove his loyalty towards him. If that means he has to play dirty by using his second in command Segundo, then that’s the way, but Segundo has a mission of his own. I love the dirty games between these two, both of them wants to reach the top to impress Cain, but it’s not always working because the Knight of White are always one step ahead of them.

Lisa Renee Jones has written another fabulous novel and I’m already looking forward to the next novel, which happens to be about Max.


Aurian zei

Nice review Natasja, I haven't read about this series before, but I love brotherhoods of warriors finding their mates and fighting evil. So I will definately give it a try. How hot is this series?

Lady Caella zei

Oh you really should give this series a try. I accidentally stumble on this series and I loved it from the first book. Lisa Renee Jones has written some great books, I haven't had one book by her that I didn't like.

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