dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Sarah Addison Allen - The Suger Queen

Title : The Sugar Queen
Release date : May 20th, 2008
Publisher : Bantam Publisher
Genre : Contemporary Romance

Josey Cirrini is the only daughter of the late Marco Cirrini and his wife Margaret. Her parents weren’t young when they finally got pregnant of Josey, ever since her father died she has done everything in her power to make her mother’s life easier. She even lives with her very demanding mother in their huge, but empty mansion. Every day her mother reminds her how plain she really is and tells her want she should or shouldn’t wear.

The only comforts in her life are her books and her candy. She has all kinds of candy and keeps them in a stash somewhere hidden deep in her closet, far away from her mother. For the last three years she has her moments when their mailman Adam brings them their mail.

But Josey life is about to turn up-side-down when she discovers a local woman in her closet and she isn’t going to leave until Josey sets her life around. Because of Della Lee she meets her new friend Chloe, who runs a small food stand in the local city courthouse lobby.

The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen was recommended to me by a friend and I have to thank her for that. This novel is a mix of fairy tale and contemporary fiction and I loved it. It took me in from page one and hold me all the way through.

Josey is a lovely character, she is lonely while taking care of her elderly mother, sweet candy is her life saving, her reward after spending the day with her demanding mother. Josey has a crush on the mailman Adam and doesn’t really know what to do with it. She has been raised within the mansion walls, so dating isn’t something she is familiar with. But with the help of Della Lee and Chloe, she’s opening up to Adam and finds a way to really get to know him.

The second storyline is about Chloe, she discovers that her boyfriend cheated on her only once but he won’t tell her with whom. So she sends him on his way, but deep down inside she still cares. Her new friendship with Josey is helping her to decide what to do with her life.

The friendship between Josey & Chloe is great, both women are dealing with something in their life; it seems that books and food are something they have in common. But their kindness and determination is what keep their friendship growing.

This book was definitely a fun read, I often find myself smiling when I was reading. You can really relate with the things both women are dealing with. Because I enjoyed this book so much, I definitely will be checking out her other books.


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