maandag 25 januari 2010

Rhyannon Byrd - Edge of hunger

Molly Stratton is psychic and she doesn’t want anyone to know, because when people found out they are reacting strange around her and treat her differently. But Elaine Buchanan is deceased and persisted that Molly listens to her. Elaine wants Molly to contact her son Ian and tell him about his destiny. Molly cannot ignore Elaine and pack her things and is going to pay a visit to this Ian Buchanan.

Ian Buchanan left home at an early age and tries to live a normal life. His mother Elaine always told him there was something special about their family. So when Molly, a psychic shows up on his doorstep and informs him that his deceased mother contacted her to warn him, he doesn’t believe her. Molly warns him that someone close to him is going to die if he doesn’t prevent it, but Ian sends her away. But then Kendra, a close friend of Ian is killed and he fears that Molly was right all along.

When Ian and Molly share the same dream and things become real, Ian knows he has to embrace what he really is.

Edge of Hunger by Rhyanna Bird is the first novel in the Primal Instincts series and a real surprise. This Urban Fantasy romance will hold your attention all the way through until you finish it.

Molly Stratton is a young woman with a gift, at an early age she is able to get messages from deceased people. When Elaine Buchanan contacts her and asks her to talk to her stubborn son Ian to explain things to him about his heritage and to warn him, Molly agrees. But Ian doesn’t believe what Molly is telling him, his mother wasn’t there when he needed her when he was younger, so why should he listen to her now she is dead. But then the warming Molly gave him comes true and he knows he has to listen to her.

Apparently his mother failed to warn him about his Merrick Supernatural blood that he has to embrace without questioning. Centuries ago, the Buchanan ancestors fought, defeated but where not able to eliminate evil Gasus. Now this evil escaped his banishment, returns to Earth and is trying to kill Ian and everyone he loves.

I have to be honest Molly and Ian had me from the first moment they met. The attraction was there and when they shared the same dream together, I found myself turning page after page to find out what will happen to them next. Both of them have to accept the unknown danger and work together to fight it.

This novel has all the right ingredients to make a good story, a determined psychic, a stubborn hero and an evil bastard to make it all complete. I cannot wait to read more about this Merrick blood and to see what will happen to the other two Buchanan siblings in the following books.


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