maandag 25 januari 2010

Colleen Gleason - As shadows fade

Victoria Gardella, Vampire slayer or Illa Gardella venator as she is called, knows she has to make the hardest decision in her life. For quite some time now, two men have been fighting for her heart and it’s time to make her final decision between Max and Sebastian.

But that is not all she is been worried about, Wayren is kidnapped by some demons and the only way to get her out of there is with the help of Lilith, Queen of the vampires. Victoria knows the price will be high when she accepts the Queen’s help, but it’s the only way to close the portal to hell and save Wayren and the world.

As Shadows fade by Colleen Gleason is the fifth and final novel in her Gardella Series and definitely one of the best in the series. She captured the world so perfectly, that readers are lured into the adventures Victoria, Max and Sebastian experience.

I’m glad to finally see that Victoria has made her choice between the two hot and gorgeous men, Max and Sebastian. We all know that Max was under a spell by vampire queen Lilith and she made it quite clear that she wants him back at her side. But what surprise me the most was Sebastian, who gave up everything just to see Victoria happy, I cannot believe the sacrifice he made at the end of the novel.

I have to say I felt sorry for the one who didn’t end up with Victoria. My mind was telling me “what is she thinking?”, but in my heart I knew she made the right and only choice she could make. You clearly can see that this series and especially the last novel weren’t all about danger and killing vampires/demons, you find that the romance and making the right choices is the key to this novel.

I truly can say that this series is one of my favorite vampire series and I hope Colleen Gleason decides to write more in this genre in the near future.


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