maandag 25 januari 2010

Elizabeth Amber - Raine

The Satyr brothers Nicolas, Raine and Lyon were commanded to marry three human-fae half sisters, daughters of King Feydon, to keep them save from evil.

The second brother Raine saw his brother Nicolas fell in love with one of the sisters and did in fact marry her. Now it’s up to Raine to find the second sister. But Raine has no intentions to marry again; he has been burned by a woman in the past, so his trust isn’t easily given, especially when it affects the true identity of his brothers and himself. But meeting Jordan and discovering the truth about her is a whole other ballgame.

Jordan knows from an early age that she is different from all the other women; she has some abnormalities that her Faery blood did to her body. And as long as she can remember she and her mother have been blackmailed to do things that she doesn’t want. But from the moment Jordan meets Raine, she knows her life is about to changes. But can she share her secrets with him or is he going to hurt her eventually.

Raine by Elizabeth Amber is the second novel in The Lords of Satyr series and definitely a surprise. I knew from the first book that this was going to be a different kind of erotica then I’m normally read, but definitely worth it.

Raine is definitely the toughest of the three Satyr brothers. He was married before but his faithless ex-wife tried to ruin his family and started rumors about the brothers. So Raine doesn’t trust easily, especially women but that is about to change when he meets Jordan. Jordan is scared to tell Raine her hidden secret about her inheritance and her body, but the joy she feels is overwhelming when Raine accepts who she is and what she really is.

It was fun to read how the tough determined Raine, who didn’t wanted a marriage falls deeply in love with Jordan. But I have to warn you, there are some pretty hot, steamy and strange scenes between the main characters. I know that a lot of the readers don’t really appreciate that kind of stuff, but I don’t mind.

After reading both Nicolas and Raine, I’m definitely looking forward to the Rake of the brothers. I know Lyon is looking for the third sister and I’m curious to see what kind of woman she is and what her gift of her Faery blood will be. Well there is only one way to find that out.


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