zondag 12 februari 2012

Veronica Wilde - Hollywood Ghosts

Title : Hollywood Ghosts
Release date : October 1, 2007
Publisher : Liquid Silver Books
Genre : Erotica / Paranormal Romance

High in the Hollywood hills is a beautiful Spanish revival mansion that is one of California’s most sinister secrets. Over the decades, its luxurious rooms have witnessed multiple movie star deaths and scandals from suicides, to cult rituals, to brutal celebrity slayings. And the ghosts who loved being famous in life don’t like getting ignored in death.

Rachel Dentley, a UCLA student who’s been hired to house-sit for four months, doesn’t know any of this. To her, the mansion is simply her beautiful new home for the semester ... until phantom bloodstains and ghostly parties scare her senseless. Luckily for her, not one, but two, experts in shining armor offer their assistance--gorgeous filmmaker Lorenzo Cortez and free-spirited parapsychologist Dr. Zane Sullivan. Lorenzo wants to film a documentary about the house that will launch his career. Zane wants to gather enough evidence of the hauntings to validate his field. And each man wants Rachel for his own.

As the days pass, the haunted house grows more menacing--and the sexual tension between Rachel, Lorenzo, and Zane reaches fever pitch. When all three indulge their cravings in a scorching ménage, the murderous ghosts intercede with their own agenda--to make Rachel one of them.

Hollywood Ghosts by Veronica Wilde is a erotica ménage à trios, which includes a house sitter, a movie maker and a ghost hunter.

Rachel Dentley has found her boyfriend in bed with another woman, so she left him and their life behind and is desperately in need for a place to stay. So she decides to take a house sitting job of a fabulous mansion for a few months. It appears some of Hollywood greatest actors lived there, but also died there.

In the first few days Rachel experience some weird things in the house that she cannot explain, luckily for her two extremely handsome men show up on her doorstep and convince her that they can help her ghost problem.

Lorenzo Cortez is a film maker and has been attracted to Rachel since she met her ex-boyfriend and now that she is single he won’t stop until she’s finally his. Dr. Zane Sullivan is a professor of parapsychology and wants to study the mansion for awhile, so when Rachel moves in, he sees the opportunity to finally investigate the ghostly activity in the house.

The attraction between Rachel and the two men is huge from the moment they enter the story. She has a hard time to stay away from both of them, cause she doesn’t want to choose between them. But when the main ghost turns his attention towards Rachel and wants her to join him, both men know that they have to work together to keep the woman they love save, even if that means sharing her with the other.

This short novel is well written and very enjoyable to read. I loved the triangle relationship between Rachel. Lorenzo and Zane and was glad to see they decided to overcome their differences and both choose for the same woman. Okay, they hop into bed way too soon, but I know this is a short story and there isn’t much time to wait until the time is right. But the storyline was great and I love the ghost-thriller theme.


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