dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Linda Wisdom - Demon Does it Better

Title : Demon does it better
Series : Demons #2
Release date : January 1, 2011
Publisher : Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre : Urban Fantasy

A Madhouse Is No Place For A Curious Witch...

After more than a century, Doctor Lili Carter, witch healer extraordinaire, has taken a job at Crying Souls Hospital and Asylum, where strange and sinister things are happening. Patients are disappearing, and Lili wants to know why.

And Doubly Dangerous For A Demon...

Lili finds herself undeniably attracted to perhaps the most mysterious patient of all - a dangerously demented and seriously sexy demon named Jared. What’s behind the gorgeous chameleon demon’s bizarre disappearances?

Before long, Lili and Jared are investigating each other - and creating a whole new kind of magic.

Demon does it Better by Linda Wisdom is the second book in the Demon Series and another amusing novel. Just like the first novel I found myself drawn into the story from the start.

Lili is a healer witch and works at the Crying Souls Hospital where she can help all paranormal beings, but she also came back there to investigate the disappearing of a good friend. Her suspicious that the head doctor has his own agenda is confirmed when she starts working in the basement where the dangerous mental patients are locked away.

Her attraction to Jared, a shadow demon that has been a “guest” of the good head doctor is not something Lili would have thought could happen. Little by little she learns to trust Jared and he might be able to help her find her missing friend.

I fell in love with Cleo from the start, she is Lili’s cat and her behavior and funny comments are fun to read. I can never look at my own cats again and not see a drunken Cleo.

I hope there will be a lot more in this series, because those witches are fun, determined and powerful. At least Miss Wisdom has enough characters to choose from.


Aurian zei

Another series already on my wishlist, glad you like them too!

Lady Caella zei

LOL, you won't regret reading this series.

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