woensdag 28 december 2011

Jessica Andersen - Twin Targets

Title : Twin Targets
Release date : May 13, 2008
Publisher : Harlequin
Genre : Contemporary romance / Suspense

FBI agent John Sharpe was closing in on a criminal he'd made his life's mission to put away for life. So rescuing Sydney Westlake from the churning ocean was a distraction he couldn't afford. But then he learned the beautiful scientist had escaped his target's clutches and could hold the key to closing his case, so John wasn't letting her out of his sight.

Sydney claimed she was more than willing to help, especially if it meant securing her twin sister's safety, but danger threatened every move she and John made together. Would the same hold true once their barely contained attraction was finally released?

Twin Targets by Jessica Andersen is a great contemporary romance novel; it’s full of action, betrayal and sister love.

Sydney Westlake is trying to find a cure for her twin sister Celeste’s disease and has accepted a job at the facility of Tiberius. But what she doesn’t know that Tiberius wants her to develop a virus that would undermine DNA fingerprinting. She knows she has to escape Tiberius and make sure that all her work is save till she finds help.

John “Iceman” Sharpe is an FBI agent and has been hunting Tiberius and his men for quite some time. When he runs into Sydney and hears where she came from and what her offer is, he isn’t quite sure what to think of this situation, but he needs all the help to stop Tiberius from selling bio weapons.

The romance between Sydney and John starts real fast after they meet, but I have to say it fits into the story, but everything about this book is fast and full of action. The trust issues that John has with women are understandable if you know about his past, but he should have known better with Sydney.

This novel was well written and very entertaining. Even though it was a simple romance I found myself turning pages to find out what would be next.


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