woensdag 28 december 2011

Amy Blankenship & R.K. Melton - Moon Dance

Title : Moon Dance
Series : Blood Bound #1
Release date : July 5th, 2010
Publisher : Create Space
Genre : Paranormal Romance

Two shifters families has been friends for a long time, until Malachi finds out that his business partner and friend Nathaniel killed his mate 30 years ago and not his vampire friend Kane, who he bound to the ground. Malachi is determined to set Kane free and he knows he has to fight Nathaniel to the death. But only the blood of a true mate can set Kane free from his earth prison. Then this young girl stumbles into the fight between the two shifters and a little of her blood seeps into the soil and awakens Kane. Kane doesn’t know about Nathaniel betrayal and Malachi’s plan to set him free and he is determined to let both families pay for his imprison.

Ten years later Kane is back in the City where he will set his plans in motion to get his revenge on the children of Malachi and Nathaniel. Dead bodies are turning up at the two shifters nightclubs and they are blaming each other.

Moon Dance by Amy Blankenship & R.K. Melton is the first novel in the Blood Bound Series and I liked it. Although I have to say that I found it very confusing sometimes that this story is written from so many point of views. Normally you’ll see only the hero and heroine’s point of view, but in this book the entire family and of course Kane are having their turns too.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the book, the story has everything that I like to read, passion, jealousy, danger, love and determination. The family bond between the siblings from both families is strong and so recognizable.

In this novel the real hero and heroine are Devon, one of Malachi’s sons and Envy, a human bartender. Envy walks into the jaguar’s nightclub with one thing on her mind, revenge. She just discovered that her boyfriend is there with two other girls, so she dumps him and have fun in the club too. She is immediately drawn to gorgeous Devon, whose part owner of the club.

The chemistry between them is tremendous and Devon finds himself thinking of her as his mate and after one hell of a night together, that is exactly what he has done, claimed his mate. Now he has to explain everything to her and hopefully she will accept him the way he is.

Beside the confusion of all the different point of views, there was another small thing that I had a hard time to believe. This whole book, beside the first chapter about the two fathers, take place in only 48 hours. To me that is way too fast to trust and accept this mating-shifter thing, but for some reason it fit into the series.

I know I have to get and read the following novels too, because I really want to know what will happen next with the other siblings and of course Kane; although he starts as a bad guy, there is hope for him, because he true mate is out there.


Aurian zei

Ooo I haven't read about this series before, sounds like a great one!

Lady Caella zei

Me either, but a friend of my ask to review this and it was definitely a suprise. I'm going to check out the rest of the series soon.

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