maandag 24 januari 2011

James Simon - Immortal Beloved

Tommaso di Cavalieri and his love Victoria met each other in Renaissance Rome in 1534 and fell madly in love with each other. One night they were attacked while leaving a party of their good friend Michelangelo, Victoria is murdered, her body totally drained of her blood and Tommaso barely survive the attack.

Tommaso learns later on that he survived the attack because he has tasted his attacker’s blood and slowly turned into a vampire. Through the years he slowly accepts his fate and finds a new purpose in his life. He learned about reincarnation and he is determined to find his soul mate Victoria again, even if that means it takes forever to find her.

Immortal Beloved by James Simon is a very good debut novel. It’s full of true love mixed with history and supernatural beings.

Normally I don’t read books written from a men’s point of view, but I have to say I was pleasant surprised when I was reading this novel.

Tommaso is a fabulous character and from page one, he lured me into his world and my heart cried when he was telling his story bit by bit.

In modern time Tommaso is an ER doctor and is still searching for his Victoria, but despise he’s a vampire he wants to help humankind. So working in the hospital he is doing his very best to help out the one who needs it the most. Then one night during a charity event at the museum he meets his lost love Victoria again.

Victoria is a nurse with a gift to heal people, she is drawn to Tommaso from the start, but she cannot explain why. When Tommosa explains things one step at the time, she admits that she cannot remember him or their past together, but she knows she can trust him completely. So he takes her on their journey through his memories to let her experience them again.

But danger is just around the corner, because a secret ancient group is after Victoria and they won’t stop until she is dead. Tommaso has to do everything in his power to protect the woman he loves.

This is one of those books that will keep your attention from the start and hold it through the whole story. On one side you want to keep reading because you want to know how it all goes, but on the other side you don’t want it to end. For me that is a good book, a story that will keep you occupied till the very end.

I’ll definitely keep my eyes on this author and see what he will write next, because I know it has to be something good.


Aurian zei

It does sounds like a good book, but strangely enough, I almost never read books written by a man, except for action/adventure/sf/fantasy.
So I don't think I will pick this one up.

Lady Caella zei

It is a good book and just like you I almost never read books written by a man. But I have to say this was a pleasant surprise.

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