maandag 24 januari 2011

Donna Burgess - Darklands, A Vampire Tale

Susan Archer is a police officer with a hard traumatic past, when she was younger her twin-brother Peter was killed accidentally, but it was so traumatic for her that she carries that night on her soul forever. Even in her present life that memory shadows over her relationship with her boyfriend Michael Matthews all the time. She never told anyone about Devin McGree, the gorgeous vampire she cannot seem to get out of her mind.

Twenty years after Devin McGree accidentally killed Peter and taken some of Susan’s blood, he knows it’s time to get Susan home where she belongs. He knows he has to finish the job and turn Susan into a creature of the night. She hasn’t aged a bit after he gave her his love bite and soon people will start to notice.

From the moment Susan and Devin meet each other after twenty years, she know he’s not the cold blooded murderer she accused him to be. She also knows the attraction between them is still there, even though she cares for Michael, its Devin who burns her inside and out. When she is completely turned, she knows it’s time to leave town with Devin, but will Michael accept this so easily?

Darklands, A Vampire Tale by Donna Burgess is a fabulous dark urban fantasy novel. This book is full off violence, paranormal creatures and fabulous sexual scenes.

Susan Archer is a strong stubborn woman, you could say she is a little cynical and unsympathetic, but I believe she has every right to be that way after what she’s been through. From the moment she meets Devin at an early age her whole life has been a roller coaster.

Devin McGree’s life has been one living hell from the moment he was turned into a vampire. All he knows is violence and torture, but he managed to escape that life and be happy when John and Lillian took him into their loving home. But his torturer Kasper Jacobsen wants revenge and is hunting him till either one of them is dead. Now Susan and Devin have to work together to stay one step ahead of Kasper in order to stay alive.

I have to be honest…at first I wasn’t that fond of the violence in this book, but I come to realize that it was important to tell the whole story…and what a fabulous story it was. It’s not a light paranormal romance I’m normally used to read, but I was definitely captured from the first page. I knew I had to finish the book to see how this was going to end.

Donna Burgess did an excellent job writing this novel and I really hope she continues doing this. I’ll keep my eyes open for her new books in the near future.


Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) zei

I am glad you liked this one. Sad I turned it down because I can only take so much on the dark violence side. Nice review.

Aurian zei

No, nice review, but not something for me.

Lady Caella zei

Thanks ladies....true I wasn't that fond of the violent at the beginning, but it got better further in the novel. I'll be honest...I'm looking forward to the second novel.

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