zondag 10 mei 2015

Review: Dark Shadows by Toni Vallan

Title: Dark Shadows
Author: Toni Vallan (aka T.G. Ayer)
Publisher: Infinite Ink Books
Genre: Horror / Thriller

My name’s Ella Raimi.

Until last week, my life was pretty normal for a sixteen-year-old. Until I spent that awful night trapped in the janitor's closet in utter darkness. Until the dreams began — suffocating, panic-filled dreams. My best friend Kyla stays with me, but the dreams still continue. And I wake each morning with cuts & burns on my skin. I don’t recall inflicting them.
And then there is the blood on my hands and my sheets when I wake up.

I’m afraid of myself and what I've done.

And I'm beginning to be more afraid of Kyla. And what she will do.

Dark Shadows by Toni Vallan was a very pleasant novel to read. I’m a huge fan of T.G. Ayer (aka Toni Vallan), but I was a little worried about this novel because I normally don’t read horror/thriller books. But when I read the description I knew I had to try it.

I loved Ella from the first page and my heart was in pain when she was bullied into that closet and attacked later by one of those boys who locked her in. It was great to see how she dealt with the things that happened to her.

I had my questions about Ella’s best friend Kyla, yes she was very protective of Ella, but there was something about that girl that made you questioned her intentions. Kyla was around when strange things began to happen around Ella. The one question in my mind was “Is Kyla apart of all things happening to Ella or was it only coincident.

The further I got in the book, the more I thought I figure it all out, but every time something happened that blew my theory away. But I couldn’t have predicted the ending of this book. It was a total surprise and I’m wondering if there will be a sequel.

I loved this book and I have to say that this author did it again, I love her writing and I’m looking forward to more of her work.

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.


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