dinsdag 7 augustus 2012

Hailey Edwards - Soul Weaver

Title:  Soul Weaver
Series: Wicked Kin # 1
Release date: August 7th 2012
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Since the accident that nearly took her life, Chloe suffers from acute agoraphobia. Living alone above her family's bookstore, she spends restless nights terrified by strange visions . . until a mysterious stranger appears and offers her salvation. Chloe is drawn to the ethereal, gorgeous Nathaniel-but her haunted soul warns her there is more to him than meets the eye.

An archangel who roams Earth collecting souls of the newly departed, Nathanial is the sole witness to the accident that should have taken Chloe's life. Seduced by the purity of her soul, he defies Providence by saving her life. But his attempt at kindness marks Chloe for damnation, and makes her an unwitting pawn in a game of unholy ambition. Now together they must fight the demons of Hell itself-for a love that defies the boundaries of Heaven and Earth. 

Soul Weaver by Hailey Edwards is the first novel in the Wicked Kin Series. I read the book description of this book and I knew that this was something for me to read and it didn’t disappoint me.

Nathaniel was an archangel before he fell from Heaven for covering up his brother Saul’s forbidden love with a human woman. The punishment; losing his wings and work for the ruler of Hell, Delphi. Now Nathaniel is the Weaver of Souls and collects corrupted souls for Delphi. Nathaniel knows he cannot break the rules again; otherwise he will be ending in the pit of hell himself. But he cannot help himself when he accidentally is witness of a car accident and save a pure soul by bonding a piece of his own soul to hers and gives her a second chance in life.

Chloe McCrea is the woman who survived the tremendous car accident, which turned her life upside down. Since the accident she’s having nightmares and the fear to go outside her home and beloved bookstore gets worse by the day.. When she meets Nathaniel for the first time, she knows he is dangerous but that doesn’t stop the huge attraction towards him.

The moment Nathaniel realizes that his act to save Chloe that year ago, turns out the wrong way and marks her as his soul to collect he knows that he has to save her again, which means breaking the rules all over again.

I loved Chloe and Nathaniel, I believe they make a great couple and I’m definitely happy with the outcome at the end of the book. The only issue I had was the fear Chloe had for going outside, almost the whole book she was frightened but for some reason that disappeared at the end of the book. I would like to see a more smoothed way to overcome her fear.

Since this was my first read by Hailey Edwards I couldn’t compare this work to other books written by her. But I liked her writing and the way she created this world, it has potential for an interesting series. So I’m definitely going to check out the next novel in these fallen angels series. Because I cannot wait to read more about Reuel and Bran, they really need a book of their own.

I received this novel as an ARC, courtesy of NetGalley


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