woensdag 16 mei 2012

Icy Snow Blackstone - Runaway Brother

Title : Runaway Brother
Release date : September 15, 2011
Publisher : Class Act Books
Genre : Contemporary Romance

At the age of twenty-two, newly-graduated Nicolo Liguori is forced by his three brothers to become care-giver for his father, who suffered multiple strokes. For the next ten years, Nick gives up his own ambitions , working during the day in the family jewelry business in Vanderhoek, New York, and returning to the Liguori mansion every night, to be at his father’s beck-and-call. Then Papa dies and Nick is free…or is he? Carlo, Marco, and Pietro expect him to continue life as usual, but Nick has other ideas. Secretly buying a motorcycle, he starts to work one day and… disappears.

Nick gets as far as the southern coast of Georgia before an accident disables his bike. Stranded, with no idea of the South except what he’s seen on TV, Nick isn’t certain what kind of reception he’s going to get. Then, a pretty Southern miss and a white tank disguised as a temperamental horse named Shazam change his life as they and the citizens of Oceano teach a runaway Yankee about life and love in a small Georgia town

Runaway Brother by Icy Snow Blackstone is a story about one brother, who cannot take the pressure of his older brothers and their family business and decides to run.

Nicolo “Nick” Liguori has been taking care of his father for years, giving up his own personal life because his older brothers expected it from him. Now his father is gone and Nick is planning is escape from his brothers and their business. So one day he just packs a little bag, jump on his motor and left. But he knows his brothers and wants to explore the world for as long as he can.

On his trip to the South he meets Sydney after his accident with his motor and her horse. Sydney is a nice southern woman; who takes care of her grandfather and their ranch. The attraction between Nick and Sydney is there from the start, but Nick keeps his distant when she hires him to work on the ranch. But they cannot resist each other and Sydney teaches him to enjoy life and look forward.

This novel has a great storyline, but for some reason I’m missing something. I think it has something to do with the lack of information of Nick’s past, it’s only mention briefly during the book, but I would have loved to read more how his life really was living with his father; his really feelings and thoughts. I also would have loved to read more scenes where Nick confronts his older brothers and really tells them what taking care of his father really did to him. But it was a brief scene at the end, so not really satisfying for me.

Overall this book was good and entertaining, but I have to be honest that I’m not really sure if I will try another contemporary novel by this author. I know she writes fantastic fantasy novel under her pen name Toni V. Sweeney, so I think I will stick to them.


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